Travel Inspiration

As I am writing this I am on my way to Charleston, SC and for me that means a lovely 11 hour drive. Personally, I am a slight Pinterest addict and so wanted to show some of the places I’d like to travel to at some point in my life. Granted I don’t know where a good amount of these are exactly located, sometimes I managed to get a rough idea in my head. I almost want to make an inspiration board of something with all of these pictures because they just make me so happy.

All photo credit where credit is due of course and with that here are places I would love to go:

Santorini, Italy

Wallaman Falls inQueensland, Australia

Chichen Itza

Iseltwald, Switzerland

I love the ocean and this is such a beautiful spot.

I don’t know where this is but this is something I really want to do… just hike up to a amazingly breathtaking view!

Ashikaga Flower Park


Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear where you want to travel to!

~Madison Eran~




  1. Tracy Joan Reid

    I could not contact you on your contact page so I am messaging you here..
    I nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award. I really thought your blog is beautiful and you all deserve this!
    Here is a link to the post –

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