Coachella Outfit Inspiration

I would absolutely LOVE to attend Coachella at some point in my life. This year there was a great line up in my opinion but it is not in my budget nor in my schedule to be able to go. I am definitely a dreamer though, or maybe just an extremely goal oriented person, either way, theses are some of the outfits I would imagine I would wear:

You may have noticed a trend throughout these pictures and that’s that I lean more towards more modest dress. This last one is an outfit that I would like to wear if for some reason I got really ballsy or something.

(All credit goes to those who posted/own the photos)

If any of you have happened to go to Coachella, what did you wear and who was your favorite performer?

For those of you like me who haven’t, what do you think you would wear and who would you want to be on the line up?

~Madison Eran~




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