How to Survive a Long Drive Alone

I have had my fair share of long drives commuting to and from college. I also have been fortunate enough to take a lot of trips with friends and family. If you are lucky you might have I connection to the cell towers around you, but for me I travel through a lot of dead zones. So, here are some tips to avoid boredom and traffic.

Why not start with how to avoid being bored because if you can’t help getting stuck in traffic then you better start here:

  1. Have playlists on your phone. I say playlists because I like to have ones for different moods. I especially recommend to have a wake up/ energize playlist because driving for long periods of time can get tiring.
  2. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but podcasts or audio books are great. They keep you interested and help the one pass by a lot a fast. Plus if you are more of and avid reader like me it helps you check more books to read off your list.
  3. Caffeine is a must! This is pretty self explanatory, but you are gonna want something to wake you up and possibly enjoy to drive more.
  4. Snacks!!! This not only wakes you up but keeps you from stopping unnecessarily at fast food restaurants and spending money on fatty foods. I’m also a major snacky and so I like to have snacks throughout the day and smaller meals.
  5. Don’t take “short-cuts” you aren’t familiar with. This could potentially be dangerous because if you are on some backroads and your car breaks down or possibly something worse, you will be all alone and potentially without service. It is just safer to stay on main roads, even if it means it’s some delays.

Traffics Tips:

  1. Google maps is your best friend. This helps you find out where all of the traffic you might hit is. It is also good to figure out the quickest route. Again, if you are alone still stick to the main roads.
  2. The Wave Navigation and Live Traffic app is also really nice because it tells you where accidents, cars on the side of the road, and where police are. This is probably a must for those of you who are speeders!



~Madison Eran~


  1. emilyryann

    I love listening to YouTube videos on long rides! Even though I don’t watch the video so it’s similar to a podcast. Sometimes I’ll listen to old YouTube videos I’ve already seen.😊 —

    Liked by 1 person

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