My Favorite Summertime Activities

Summer is finalllyyyy here! And now that I’m out of college for the summer and the nice weather has also arrived, that means it’s time for summertime activities! I love summer! Both because of the freedom and the weather. I’m one of those weirdos who enjoys the heat, most of the time that is. Sometimes is just hot and sticky and that’s just miserable and we all know it. It’s like walking in a sauna. That’s beside the point though. These are all of the things I hope to get to do this summer before I have to go back to school:

•Bonfire at night

  • Go out to brunch
  • Have a day to clean out old clothes out of your closet
  • Reward yourself with some new clothes
  • Have a day at the lake or beach
  • Volunteer
  • Relax and enjoy the free time you have

I personally am busy 6 weeks out of my almost 9 week summer break doing stuff for school, working, and volunteering so I plan to do these in my free time! What do you all do over summer break? I’d love to try out new things and places!

~Madison Eran~




  1. o-li-vi-a

    I love going to the beach in the summer, it’s when the greatest sunsets happen!

    I found your blog through Naya’s blog party, and was wondering if you’d like to be friends; I’m a little late to the whole party, but it would be great to make new friends in the blogosphere – especially ones that write similar content!


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