Hi Everyone! How’s your day been so far? I am really in the mood to find more blogs to follow and I can’t think of a better way to do that than a blog party. I hope you all can make some new blogging friends and get some new followers as well!

What is a blog party?

Well, a blog party is pretty much just commenting on other people comments and making conservation so you can make connections and hopefully a few friends!

RULES: (Yes, there are rules)

  1. Like this post.
  2. Comment a mini description of you and your blog.
  3. Include a link (if you want).
  4. Reply to other bloggers comments.
  5. Interact.
  6.  Have FUN! (that’s why it started mine in the first place)
  7. Remember to come back to meet even more bloggers!

That’s is it for the rules! Now, it’s time for the party to begin and have fun! Make a crap ton of new friends! I hope to meet some new bloggers as well!!!



~Madison Eran~


  1. hopelesswonderer

    Thanks for the opportunity! I was just thiniing I need some more blogs too. I’m sophie and I’m 22 years old trying to adult. So check out my page for all the crazy adventures I get up to and also for the best example of how not to adult. 🙂

    Will follow back as I need more blogs to read!


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