Valentine’s Day Outfits

Valentine’s day is seriously right around the corner, and my boyfriend said we might actually do something this year?! I really don’t have a clue what that means but hey I’ll take it even if it means an action movie on the couch with popcorn in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.

Regardless of what you are doing, I put together some outfit inspiration for every occasion! I used to be such a tomboy, so its funny to me know that I’ll take any excuse for a chance to dress up and wear some heels but also still love to wander around in leggings and a sweatshirt. So I give you super casual as well as dressing up!

Oh! These are also boyfriend approved outfits!

Super Casual

Pinterest @shoptique
Instagram @vicidolls
Instagram @vicidolls
Pinterst @shoptique
Pinterest @Chellysun


Pinterest @Chellysun
Instagram @vicidolls
Pinterest @Cichic
Instagram @vicidolls
Pinterest @pickmyboutique
Instagram @vicidolls

Dressing Up

Pinterest @Shoptiques
Pinterest @Bold Dress
Pinterest @Shoptiques
Instagram @vicidolls
Pinterest @Shoptiques
Pinterest @Zibbet

I hope these gave you some outfits inpspo!

~Madison Eran~

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