21 Things to Do By My 21st Birthday

I know this is going up late, I’m so sorry, college happened! It was also my boyfriends 21st birthday so I spent the night hanging out with him because we were both busy all throughout the day and didn’t get to see each other until 8 at night. I also only got 3 is hours of sleep the night before that so I was not in the right headspace to be able to write the blog post I had planned.

Let me just say being twenty is kind of hard. Twenty is supposedly one of the most “formative years.” I normally wouldn’t have agreed with that statement but looking back on everything that has gone down this year I probably couldn’t have agreed more. This year the conversation of graduate school, my career, and marriage all came up and they haven’t gone away. I am currently so stuck on what I want to do for a career which makes the conversation of graduate school so much more complicated. I love all things health-related and leaning either towards dietetics, conventional medicine and am looking into naturopathic medicine. Then the conversation of marriage has come up a lot because my boyfriend and I have been dating for 4 years.

Twenty-one is also the last major birthday until fifty! Like what???? So there is a lot I want to get done before then to start my 21st year of life off right!

  1. Travel more
  2. Be more spontaneous, well I guess be spontaneous because I’m not spontaneous at all lol
  3. Get Healthier (about to start the Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living
  4. Promote to District Manager in Arbonne
  5. Promote to Area Manager in Arbonne
  6. Find a coffee drink you actually like
  7. Get engaged? (I mean its been 4 years and I’m ready)
  8. Read 10 Books
  9. Do one collaboration or sponsorship with a brand
  10. Up my blog stats
  11. Make some girlfriends
  12. Take more pictures + take better pictures
  13. Meet Up with a Blogger
  14. Socialize More in General
  15. Have a Serious Conversation with My Parents About Life
  16. Find a Regular Place to Volunteer
  17. Go on a Road Trip (like a legit one)
  18. Go to a Drive-in Movie (there is actually one near where I go to college so there really is no excuse)
  19. Really Stop Giving A Crap About What People Say
  20. Save 10k! This is kind of an insane goal for most people my age, but still also means that I have to get my Arbonne Business flying fast and I need that extra push! But 20k goes a long way for grad school, a house, or a wedding and all of which are gonna creep up before I know it!
  21. Be Happy and Just Let Life Be

Alright, guys! That was my 21 by 21 list and goals and I’m gonna be working my a** off to make these happen. I really hope you enjoyed and I would love to know what are your goals for this year! You don’t have to be 21 to have goals and aspirations!

Also isn’t this car just beautiful?!?!?

G 550 SUV Exterior Image
This is the Mercedes Benz I was talking about!

~Madison Eran~

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