21 Things to Do By My 21st Birthday

I know this is going up late, I’m so sorry, college happened! It was also my boyfriends 21st birthday so I spent the night hanging out with him because we were both busy all throughout the day and didn’t get to see each other until 8 at night. I also only got 3 is hours of sleep the night before that so I was not in the right headspace to be able to write the blog post I had planned.

Let me just say being twenty is kind of hard. Twenty is supposedly one of the most “formative years.” I normally wouldn’t have agreed with that statement but looking back on everything that has gone down this year I probably couldn’t have agreed more. This year the conversation of graduate school, my career, and marriage all came up and they haven’t gone away. I am currently so stuck on what I want to do for a career which makes the conversation of graduate school so much more complicated. I love all things health-related and leaning either towards dietetics, conventional medicine and am looking into naturopathic medicine. Then the conversation of marriage has come up a lot because my boyfriend and I have been dating for 4 years.

Twenty-one is also the last major birthday until fifty! Like what???? So there is a lot I want to get done before then to start my 21st year of life off right!

  1. Travel more
  2. Be more spontaneous, well I guess be spontaneous because I’m not spontaneous at all lol
  3. Get Healthier (improve diet)
  4. Create a business
  5. Find a hobby of my own that isn’t a form of work
  6. Find a coffee drink I actually like
  7. Get engaged? (I mean its been 4 years and I’m ready)
  8. Read 10 Books
  9. Do one collaboration or sponsorship with a brand
  10. Up my blog stats
  11. Make some girlfriends
  12. Take more pictures + take better pictures
  13. Meet Up with a Blogger
  14. Socialize More in General
  15. Have a Serious Conversation with My Parents About Life
  16. Find a Regular Place to Volunteer
  17. Go on a Road Trip (like a legit one)
  18. Go to a Drive-in Movie (there is actually one near where I go to college so there really is no excuse)
  19. Really Stop Giving A Crap About What People Say
  20. Save 10k! This is kind of an insane goal for most people my age. But 20k goes a long way for grad school, a house, or a wedding and all of which are gonna creep up before I know it!
  21. Be Happy and Just Let Life Be

Alright, guys! That was my 21 by 21 list and goals and I’m gonna be working my a** off to make these happen. I really hope you enjoyed and I would love to know what are your goals for this year! You don’t have to be 21 to have goals and aspirations!

~Madison Eran~

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