My Inspiration & Goal Board: Planner Edition + New Obsession

I have so much going on in my life right now that I am at the point where I don’t want to sleep because I could be doing so many other things. As you all know, I recently joined Arbonne, and there is just so much potential to be had that I could devote all of my free time towards it and feel happy with my decisions. But I’m a college student, I already have a job, and work another side hustle, and at some point, I’d like to have a social life so I can’t completely spend all my time on Arbonne, even though I still kind of do.

Arbonne is also what gave me this new excitement for life if I’m completely honest. It is also what pushed me to create these inspiration and goal boards in the first place. I plan to make these into an actual board or something at some point, but for now, they are in my planner, and I LOVE it. I live out of my planner and so every day, multiple times a day, I flip past and see these. Its a daily reminder of what I want out of life and they are also my why’s for why I joined Arbonne in the first place!

This one is Arbonne and Blog inspired and this second spread is more personal to me because it’s related to marriage and my wedding. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned my age on here before, but I’m sure I could get hate for it honestly. All I have to say is I’m 20 and I’m sure you can’t say something I haven’t heard before.

Also, I realize my handwriting isn’t the prettiest, but I’m just being real with you all. I will never have cute handwriting or the calligraphy people just about cry over, nope, not gonna happen, I don’t have time for that and will never make time for that.

In the first spread, the left page is dedicated to Arbonne. I plan to become a National Vice President in the business by my 21st birthday. It is a large goal but one I am going after with everything in me! At this level, you are making between 5K-15K a month which is insane if you think about it. Arbonne also rewards you with a white Mercedes Benz of your choice. I have loved the G Wagons since I was a child which is why it makes multiple appearances. It also symbolizes how many lives you have changed and that is all I want out of life, to be happy and help others! Arbonne also connects you with like-minded people and that I something I crave! I can’t even explain how badly I want to have friends that are pursuing their dreams with their whole hearts and are encouraging others and supporting others while they do the same.

The second side of the first spread is this blog. I have so many dreams and goals for Madison Eran which include partnering with a brand and meeting up with other bloggers. I am just at a point in my life where I want life-long friends that share similar dreams and aspirations. They don’t even have to be the same, just don’t tear other’s dreams down because they aren’t yours. Mine won’t be the exact same as anyone else’s and that’s beautiful! This spread has pictures I want to draw inspiration from when I take my own pictures as well as places I’d like to travel to. I’d also like to afford such nice clothing as well as come up with these to die for outfits.

The last spread includes my dream wedding and engagement photos. Starting with my dream ring in the corner, working up to my dream venue, and lastly one of my dream dresses. All of these things are expensive and Arbonne has become my path to pursue this dream wedding, you only get to do it once, so I want to do it right!

This post was somewhat all over the place but then again I am writing this at 2a.m. because I just don’t want to sleep! I hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

~Madison Eran~

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