Starting a 30 Day Body Cleanse ~ Kickstart to a Healthy Lifestyle

To preface this post, I am not saying I need to lose weight or that anyone needs to lose weight, that is not my choice to make. I decided to do this cleanse/detox because I have had terrible digestion for as long as I can remember and not to mention sleeping is a joke most of the time. Either I fall asleep before I even hit the bed because I’m just exhausted or I wake up about every hour and that always feels like I didn’t even sleep. Also, my skin has been spotty lately but that cold very well be because I’m trying to use up some of the older cc creams.

Those first two reasons though are why I wanted to do this cleanse with Arbonne. If it can fix my digestion and sleep better I’m all in. So far I’ve really noticed that I have been sleeping through the night every night so far which has been amazing and has given me more energy throughout the day. I think my digestion has slightly improved as well because I don’t feel as many bubbles in my stomach as there has been and tmi but I haven’t had to burp as much. Before you judge, if it is coming out, I think we would both prefer it come out of my mouth.

I also forgot to mention that my boyfriend is doing this with me and aside from cutting down his meat consumption ( which really needed to be cut down), he is enjoying it. He had a basketball game with his fraternity the other day and he texted me afterwards saying how much more energy he had. I was overjoyed because that extra energy allowed him to play a full game and he usually gets pulled out about halfway because he is tired.

I doubt I’ve lost any weight right now because I don’t have a massive amount to loose, plus being a girl, this is tmi again, but my menstrual cycle just hit and I am so bloated.

Overall I have seen great improvements in my sleep and then some smaller but still good improvements with my digestion and my skin.

If you are interested in trying this out for yourself leave me a comment down below or you can check out my website with the Arbonne link down below! I’d love to do this with you or to help be an accountability partner for you as well as send you recipes!

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!

~Madison Eran~

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Disclaimer: If you purchase anything through my Arbonne website, I will earn a small commission as this is my business. This is how I pay for college so if you want to support me just for that reason I will be extremely grateful!

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