To All the Brides That Have been or might be affected by covid-19

I first want to say that all of the love and prayers in the world go out to you right now. You have been planning your perfect day for quite a while only to have something completely out of your control affect your wedding.

I am still in the planning process, but even with all of the work I have put in up to this day, I would be absolutely heartbroken to have all of those plans seemingly go out the window. Even through all of the heartbreak that you are likely experiencing, I wanted to write something that may lift your spirits or ease your rambling consciousness. I also wanted to write this because it seemed incredibly insensitive to go on writing about my wedding plans in the midst of all that is currently happening.

If you have had to postpone your wedding, just know that once we get through this, your wedding will be just that much more special. You will get to spend your special day surrounded by friends and family and not be worried about the possibility of someone getting sick. Everyone will have no doubt of how unique your day is because on top of you finally marrying the love of your life, you made it through the chaos of planning a wedding through a pandemic. At the end of the day, all that matters is starting your life with your person.

You are not alone and if you are a bride affected by COVID-19, please leave a comment down below. I want the comment section to be a place of community for those of you who have had to postpone your wedding or even if it has affected your planning process.

Lastly, I want to say my heart goes out to each and every one of you. You will figure out the best way to make it through an unbelievably unfortunate situation. Let yourself acknowledge the cards you have been dealt and hold, hug, and kiss your fiance, knowing that you both will get through this. In years to come, you will certainly have a unique love story to tell your future kids.

Stay safe and make today a good day!

~ Madison Eran ~

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