How I am Making the Most of Social Distancing

By now I am sure you are more than aware of the pandemic plaguing the world currently. If you happen to be reading this once life has returned to normal, just take these tips as ways to improve your life. In the last two weeks but especially the last weeks especially my life has done a complete 180 like many of your’s likely have as well.

In the past week, I returned home from my “spring break” extremely early to move the residence out of the residence halls (“dorms”). By the end of Friday, I found myself jobless and having to move back in with my parents. My lease was ending, and there was no reason to extend it. At this point, I was worried the state may resort to a stay at home order and thought it would be best to move home. Now having packed and moved my entire house in three days, I find myself living it a room that no longer feels like mine and living apart from my fiance. In this same week, I have had to adjust to a fully online curriculum for college, and as a dietetics pre-med major, that is more difficult than it sounds.

I don’t tell you this to feel bad for me in the slightest. While this is not a circumstance I ever thought I would be in, I have found peace and even happiness ironic enough. In this crazy moving out and moving back process, I really had to go through and clean out both my rental house and my old room at my parent’s house. It is interesting how items that once held so much sentimental value you are so willing to part with. Between moving out and moving in, I have given away, will be donating in the future, or recycled so much unnecessary junk that no longer has any value. So, tip #1 for being quarantined at home, is to go through your entire home, preferably room by room if you have the time luxury to do that, and just see what you no longer need, want, or are finally willing to part with.

I promise you once this whole mess is over, you will be thanking yourself for months or even years to come to take the extra time you may find yourself with and putting it to good use. It is also extremely freeing to just see less random things around your place. I am by no means a minimalist, but I certainly find joy in seeing less clutter.

I mentioned having more time on my hands. I have wanted to make homemade pasta since I returned home from a Europe trip with my mother last summer. I know I am not the only person with a list of things they want to try to do or learn. Homemade pasta may not be your cup of tea, but take this time to do or learn something you have always wanted to do. If you are stuck, maybe consider learning a different language, learn to play an instrument, try a new recipe, or read the Harry Potter series from start to finish, whatever suits you best. So tip #2 is to do or learn something new; you may even be able to cross several things off your bucket list.

Homemade garlic and herb pasta with cream sauce.

I pray that the weather near is enjoyable. The last three days have been absolutely gorgeous, and I have thoroughly enjoyed a long walk outside. These last few days I have walked at least 5 miles a day between taking my parent’s dogs on a walk with my mom, taking my fiance and I’s dog on a walk, and just walking with my family. I’ll admit at the start of COVID-19 I was mad. Mad at God. Made at the world. Mad at all of the changes I found myself having to adjust to all within a week. Taking the time to get outside and even just exercise by walking has helped with my mood. I have made peace with my situation and even begun to find the good it in as I hope you can see by this post. Tip #3 is to get outside (still following government recommendations) and/or move your body.

If you also happen to find yourself out of work or working from home, use this as a chance to create a morning or even daily routine that is more fulfilling. When I was at school, my schedule involved going to bed between midnight and sometimes even 2 in the morning and then waking up by 7:30 the next day. I have grown used to a 7:30 wake up time, but moving back home also meant a change in time zones, unfortunately. I am not letting that stop me though. I have taken this time to create a morning routine that starts with a wake-up time of 7:30 (6:30 my old time zone) and then carry out the rest of my morning routine,

I have also created a school, work, and blogging schedule for myself. I live for structure, so this has been a fantastic change for me. If you love having an idea of what you should be doing at a particular time so you don’t spend hours scrolling through Insta or binging Netflix, then do it. Also, no shame if you do scroll through Insta or binge a whole series on Netflix in a day, sometimes its what you need. My point is, take this time to try out tip #4, which is to create a morning/daily routine specifically tailored to you, your happiness, and your fulfillment.

There will be a whole list of things I am planning to do during this time of self isolating coming soon. For now, hopefully you try out these tips and experience the same joy and fulfillment I have. If you try any of these tips let me know! I also want to know what you guys are doing while at home so please drop a comment down below!

Stay have and strive for happiness! Much love,

~ Madison Eran ~


    1. Madison Eran

      I would try to work on your see routine then! I know I can be a little too sassy when I’m tired haha. I hope you have a good day and keep safe as well! Thank for reading it really does mean a lot!


  1. rachelramdhan

    A few days after we got our first recorded case, my job immediately implemented work from home. This past Sunday, the government implemented Stay At Home orders so my initial two weeks has now turned in a month. It’s challenging and scary because I’m not sure what the next couple of months will look like for us. We’re only allowed to leave if you’re considered an essential worker or you’re carrying out an essential activity like going to the grocery or pharmacy. But I’m trying to stick closely to a routine as possible. The one thing that I do daily is drink a cup of tea every morning. There’s something soothing with keeping my one ritual for the past three or four years. Hope you and your family keep safe during this time.

    Btw, thank you for being my first follower. I was trying to send you a message to say thanks but it didn’t work out. It really meant and means a lot when I got that email 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Madison Eran

      I want to say that I am sorry to hear that you are under a true stay at home order. I’m from Kentucky and they haven’t officially enforced one, so I don’t want to take for granted this leeway to go for a walk and such.

      I hope you and your family keeps safe as well! I am honored to be your first follower and I look forward to everything you have to say! Everyone starts somewhere and I’m excited that you started this journey ♥️

      Liked by 1 person

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