On the Day of Resurrection, I Had a Realization About Gratitude

This Easter is not like any Easter I have experienced. Starting by watching church from our family room couch to not being able to spend time with family, not a single thing seems to feel normal. Throughout all of these irregularities though, I became aware of a simple fact; Easter is about the sacrifice made for me and my sins as it is for everyone. Easter Sunday comes after Black Saturday and is the day of the Resurrection. This Resurrection Sunday and life in general lately has felt sort of like Black Saturday, filled with doom and gloom and nothing to look forward to or be grateful for.

On a Easter Sunday like today, in the midst of all of the craziness, I have found that today should be filled with gratefulness for what we do have and how life was before this mess. We should be grateful that we have been able to spend Easter with friends and a family in years past celebrating Christ. There are many places where people are not afforded this same luxury. I feel incredibly grateful for all of the past Easter’s I have been able to spend with my family openly celebrating in my religion. I am thankful for all of the holidays or just any day I have been able to spend with friends and family.

In the midst of a pandemic, I feel more grateful that I ever have before. It is because of the way our normal lives have been shaken up and altered that I have realized how much I take for granted. I hope most people realize how much we have to be grateful for and the little nuances of life that we may even complain about that we now miss. I miss being able to freely go to the grocery store without a care in the world and look for ingredients to make meal that week. In Kentucky, we are restricted to only one person per household entering a grocery store at a time. There have been many times I have downright dreaded going to the store and when this all blows over, I cannot begin to explain how grateful I will be to simply take a trip to the grocery store with my parents or fiance.

I want you to leave this post thinking about all of the reasons you have to be grateful during out current situation and so here is a list of some of the reasons I have to be grateful.

  • I am grateful to be able to spend more time with family since we are quarantined together.
  • I am grateful being able to spend more time on passions such as blogging, reading, and cooking.
  • I am grateful for my family’s and friend’s health.
  • I am grateful for technology and still being able to communicate with friends and family I am unable to be with in person.
  • I am grateful for everyone that is still considered and essential worker especially those int he healthcare field, those working grocery stores, and anyone who is considered to be on the front line.
  • I am grateful for the decent and sometimes amazing weather and being able to walk our family dogs.
  • I am grateful for the conversations I have had with my mom on our daily afternoon walks.
  • I am grateful for the small severance my job provided to us when we had to be let go since the university was closing.
  • I am grateful that despite not being able to walk at a graduation, that I still will be able to graduate with my degree from college. My fiance may not be as lucky and I know he won’t be the only person effected.
  • I am grateful for the absurd amount of entertainment I have right at my fingertips. If this pandemic were to have happened even a decade or so ago we would have had the luxury of smart phones with any kind of streaming service, video game, audio book, any entertainment you can name simply at our fingertips. There is more to consume than any of us could in hundreds of lifetimes.

I could go on and on. You could too if you just sat down and thought about it for awhile. This pandemic has forced us all to slow down and live more simply. I hope that in this period of simplicity that you take the time to realize everything you have to be grateful for whether it be the air you breathe, your job you always complain about, there is toilet paper on the roll, or that you can hug those you love.

This pandemic has change my life in ways I didn’t think possible and it could change yours too. I have gained awareness of the importance of things I would have otherwise seemed insignificant. I hope and pray that you come out of this with an appreciate for the little things in life and that you don’t let that appreciation wear off. I will continue my best to be grateful for the little things in life as we all should!

I hope you are staying safe and healthy! I also want to hear what you are grateful for in the comments!

~ Madison Eran ~

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