My 15 Favorite YouTubers

I have watched YouTube since way back when I was in middle school when both watching YouTuber was kinda of weird but no one would say as much and being a YouTuber was even more weird. I’ve loved YouTube for nearly a decade and have even considered making videos because I just love the platform and the ability to capture memories so much. So, when I tell you guys my favorite YouTubers, I really mean it. The YouTubers on this list are people I admire and believe spread happiness through their content.

However, I do want to say that it is not possible for me to have watched everyone there is on YouTube. I also want to say that these are “my” favorites and so they may not be your cup of tea and that can be expected. These people are simply those that I enjoy and believe deserve recognition. I have broken them down into what category of content I believe they best fit in to.

Lifestyle & Vlogs

Michelle Reed

Michelle Reed describes herself as a 20-something figuring it out in NYC. She shares weekly vlog-style videos on my life here in the city, financial advice, developing foundational habits, and growing up in New York City.

Milena Cicciotti

Milena is a young new mom who shares about her daily life, her experiences and advice she has gained as a new mother, about her faith, and everyday lifestyle content.

Michel Janse

Michel lives in LA with her husband and shares her experience with the acting world, living with Celiac Disease, her love of thrifting, love of lounge wear (btw she just launched a super cute loungewear line), and all things lifestyle content. I found her through her nutrition videos and then fell in love with her bubble personality while connecting over the fact she also had married young.

Kristin Johns

Not be rude lol, but if you haven’t heard of Kristin Johns, where have you been? She posts a lot of lifestyle/vlog content and you can guarantee these vlogs will highlight her extensive plant collection, awesome recipes, two adorable golden retrievers, and a lot of thrifted items I wish I could have found.

Lys Heaster

Lys is also a new mom who posts a lot of new mom content as well as about her daily life. What drew me in. was how open, honest, and raw she was. She doesn’t shy away from topics like depression and I have the upmost respect for her because of that.

Tess Christine

I have probably watched Tess since I started watching YouTube. She used to post a lot of get the look videos which I would say is/was known for. She also has recently posted a lot about her wedding planning process, living in New York, travel, and general lifestyle/vlog content.

Health and Fitness

Sarah’s Day

Umm hi hello… this yet another YouTuber who I believe needs little introduction. I don’t think I could capture the essence of her channel more than she does herself, so her is how she describes her channel. YouTube’s holistic health princess is here to help you listen to your body. This is channel where I share my passion for health, holistic living, natural healing, beauty and fitness. Uploading every 3 days, get ready for loads of workouts, diet tips, recipes, daily vlogs and secret spilling. It’s time we get healthy and fit together!

Elsa’s Wholesome Life

She shares a lot of content about food and recipes, aka a way straight to my heart. She also shares about her travels, her journey through pregnancy, her plant-based lifestyle, and most things lifestyle. Aslo, it doesn’t hurt to have an amazing Australian accent.

Blair Cooley

Blair is rather new to the YouTube scene, but if you enjoy health and fitness related content, you are likely gonna love her videos. She is currently a student on her way to becoming a Registered Dietitian. She also shares her tips to “get through life bougie but on a budget.”

Home Improvements & DIYs

Lone Fox

If you are or ever have been a renter, this page is absolute gold. He shares rental-friendly room makeovers as well as hacks, DIY room decor, cheap DIY projects, and basically all things DIY and home decor design.

XO, MaCenna

Ironically, MaCenna and Lone Fox are friends a live just a block away from each other. I would describe MaCenna as the thrift flip queen. She posts content about home decor, home makeover, macrame DIYs, thrift flips, vlog content, and more.


Kara and Nate

I am absolutely obsessed with this couple and the content they post. Personally, I find them to be really relatable and their content to be inspiring. They are a husband and wife frome Nashville, TN who set out to travel for a full year and have since set a goal to travel to 100 countries by 2020. They started out as a couple that daily vlogged to preserve and share the memories of their travels and have since accumulated a following of over a million subscribers.

Eamon & Bec

Eamon and Bec are a Canadian couple driving around the world in their self converted Sprinter Van. They share videos all about wanderlust travel, behind the scenes of what it’s really like to live in a van, and videos all about the yummy vegan food they make.


They started a series called TRIPPED which is designed to be a sneak peak into their one year journey around the world as backpackers. They shared both the lighlights and the real moments of what it is like to travel full time for a year. Since then, they have also renovated and RV and have started traveling North America and South America from top to bottom.

The Matneys

the Matney’s are a couple traveling North and South America in their self-converted Sprinter Van. They share about what van life if really like, how it is possible to travel on a budget, and how they incorporate minimalism into their daily lives.

Is 15 favorite YouTubers too many? I would have to say no, but my fiance might say otherwise some days. Who are your favorite YouTubers? Have you watched any of the people listed above, if so what did you think? If you have favorite not on this list, please share them in the comments below because I am always looking for new channels to watch!

Have a lovely day and if you need something to do I dare you to score with your eyes closed and watch video from whatever channel you land on.

~ Madison Eran ~

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